The Cybersecurity Management Solution


The Cybersecurity Management Solution enables CISOs to monitor, measure and manage organizational cybersecurity resources effectively. Cytegic centralizes and consolidates all aspects of cybersecurity risk management: Operations, Decision making, Monitoring, and Reporting, providing CISOs with the tools necessary to become a business enabler.



Our enterprise wide cybersecurity analytics engine and set of intelligible dashboards correlate threats, defenses & business assets for proactive security and risk management. The Cybersecurity Management Solution is comprised of three integrated modules – Controls Maturity, Intelligence Analysis, and the Cybersecurity Decision Support System – each with a corresponding dashboard:


The Cybersecurity Management Solution



By implementing The Cybersecurity Management Solution in your organization you will receive the follwing benefits:

  • A single pane of glass for managing and monitoring all aspects of cybersecurity risk management.
  • Dynamic and adaptive risk dashboard provides full situational awareness and the ability to optimize resource allocation in response to internal and external changes and threats.
  • Strategic threat intelligence that enables organizations to prepare for heightened threat activity.
  • Continuous maturity assessment of controls that provide visibility into the security posture of the enterprise.
  • On demand compliance reports NIST, ISO, HIPAA and PCI-DSS
  • Fully operational, “out of the box” provides immediate visibility into complex environments, a road map towards control maturity in a format that business leaders can understand.